The Process

Block printing is a labour intensive ancient art form. Everything from the block carving to the printing and stitching can take weeks and therefore our production runs are small. Everything is done by hand and block printing is a skill passed down through generations - it is a rare art form and we want to keep it thriving against the fast-paced nature of machine-generated fast fashion.

Hollyblocks garments are made in Jaipur - the home of Indian block printing. Our flower designs are drawn first in the UK. These are then copied onto tracing paper to then be hand carved onto a wooden block in Jaipur.

The organic cotton fabric is then dyed, and the wooden blocks painted. Then they are individually stamped by hand onto the fabric by the artisans. The fabric is dried in the sunshine. 

Our small team then stitches the garments. The nature of block printing means that each piece is unique and there may be a tiny amount of print variation in each piece.